Newark Registration

2024 registration is now open!

You will need to select the form for the level of the scholar you are registering. Levels show the grade your child has just completed. 

Please also remember to fill out a separate form for each scholar you are registering.

Level 1: just completed K-2

Level 2: just completed 3-5

Level 3: just completed 6-8

The Newark sites will once again be Christian Endeavor (1415 Londondale Pkwy, Newark, OH 43055) and Par Excellence Academy (1350 Granville Rd, Newark, OH 43055). They are right next door to each other and so will be considered the same site for some purposes, in this case having the same registration forms. You will also have a chance to select a specific site preference during registration if you would like. 

The Christian Endeavor site will host our only level 3 class, so please keep that in mind when registering multiple scholars. Sometimes due to registration numbers we will move 5th graders (going into 6th grade) into that class as well.